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You look fabulous, your outfit in on point, your friends are gathering and the venue is ready to be filled with an
army of hotness. You’ve arrived at the destination and it’s time.

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Some Of The Best Gay Dance Parties of All Time

1. The White Party - Palm Springs:

What makes this event continue to lead the rest is a combination of several things. #1: The weather. #2: The support of the city of Palm Springs and the 35 percent gay population, which is largely due to this event. #3: The best live performances. #4: There is only one “cook in the kitchen,” which means no committees and no associate promoters. This party is just one man’s vision and that is what sets this event apart from all the other ones.

2. Black & Blue - Montreal:

The production value is probably the best you’ll ever see at any dance party event outside of a nightclub. The fact that this event falls over Columbus Day Weekend (US) and Canadian Thanksgiving has contributed to the staggering number of attendees. About half of the attendees are straight, which is a sign of the future and most parties being a mixed crowd.

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3. The Saint at Large Black Party New York City:

This event is based on the world of S&M/taboo and all the dark and adventurous avenues of sex. This party is untouchable because it is powered by the Saint at Large venue and the mentality of the old school days of New York clubbing. It is reminiscent of when there were NO rules. This event lives up to its wild reputation every year.

4. The Winter Party - Miami:

This event has great event spaces, such as the Muscle Beach Party. The gorgeous men that attend this party will keep it going strong. This party also has the advantage of great weather and a gay friendly host city.

5. Gay Days at Disney World - Orlando:

This weekend has something for EVERYONE to experience each year. The weekend is for gays, straights, circuit boys, lesbians, and even gay families with KIDS. As more and more gay people get married and have kids, this weekend will continue to grow and succeed, for as long as Disney World is still in operation! (With will be forever... right?)

6. The White Party - Miami:

This party has it all! Three remarkable things that cannot be denied: Great weather, exceptional venues, and the money going to one of the oldest AIDS charities.

7. The Pines Party/The Morning Party (FIRE ISLAND):

Probably the first gay dance party ever held on the beach. The island is where the Tea Dance was born. Rich in history and legacy, this party never fails to impress.

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8. Fireball-Chicago:

This was the party series that set the Midwest ablaze for over a decade. This party was known for amazing venues such as a working steel mill, the lobby of the historic Uptown Theater, Union Station, and The Museum of Science and Industry.

9. Southern Decadence-New Orleans:

This is the biggest gay event in New Orleans and surrounding areas. The street party runs around-the-clock, and the Southern Decadence circuit party dance events take place at night.

10. Purple Party-Dallas:

Another really impressive foundation party that has donated over a half a million dollars to donate to local AIDS charities. This party has put Dallas on the gay party list of cities to visit for almost 15 years.

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You look fabulous, your outfit in on point, your friends are gathering and the venue is ready to be filled with an army of hotness. You’ve arrived at the destination and it’s time