Remarkable Connections Between Culture & Technology: Speir Digital Inc. is one of the world’s leading live-streaming entertainment platforms, comprised of global market leaders: Speir TV, Speir Events, The Speir Ad Exchange, InterQ.ME, College Club Life, Phoenix Red Party, Raver Magazine, The Daily Intelligence, SNFT Daily Intelligence, Crypto Daily Intelligence, and Bionic Digital Intelligence.

Speir TV is a global leader in entertainment platforms with over 52 million unique visitors annually and reaching more than 200 countries worldwide. Speir TV is one the largest providers of live streaming, and on-demand audio/video content entertainment platforms in the world with more than 100,000 hours of audio and video content, shows, clubs, and festival content with nearly 182,000,000 page views in over 200 countries.

These businesses allow Speir Digital & Partners to create strategic music and entertainment marketing programs that connect content creators and brands with the fans that visit The Speir Entertainment Platform and attend Speir TV and Partner events each year. For additional information, visit www.Speir.TV